About Us

Connectivity Market is a news website that is focused on serving authentic news without any delay or being biased. Our objective is to inform, to interpret the news and to provide service to our readers. This helps our readers to become informed citizens and make better decisions by providing lots of facts. We at Connectivity Market take utmost care about the minimum requirement that an article should follow, the most important one being the lack of fake news and biased news.

As the name, Connectivity Market suggests, we cover Business and Technology updates around the world. But considering the importance of Science and Health, we have dedicated journalists who cover these two sections as well. In all, we cover Business, Science, Technology and Health sections. The reason behind targeting only these four sections is we believe some really change making things are happening in these categories and that we are suitable to deliver the news as well as interpret it in the simple and understandable way. At Connectivity Market, we are committed to getting you the most comprehensive idea of what is happening in each sector.

All in all, here at Connectivity Market, as we said, our aim is to follow unbiased and reliable journalism ethics. We strictly do not intend to get any monetary benefits from our site and that’s why we haven’t enabled any sort of ads. We are a bunch of enthusiastic and professionally skilled people who want to build a platform for expression. Of course, we cannot go on without acknowledging the role of our editors, who work almost 24*7 to be sure that they don’t miss anything worth reporting.